How to choose an HR system in 2021: The ultimate guide

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75% of business leaders say they're already using some form of tech - but organisations don't plan on stopping there. A staggering 67% of business leaders say they're planning to invest in even more tech in the future.

Technology is now even more mission-critical than ever, as company bosses realise that digital transformation is the key to building agility and resilience. Yet, with so many options out there, how do you find the right software for your business?

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  • The signs you can expect to see when it’s time to buy a new People system

  • What your key requirements are for software, with interactive checklists to help you select the right system for you

  • What other tech buyers - IT, Finance and business leaders - look for when choosing a cloud HR system

  • The benefits organisations have experienced through choosing the right technology for them – and what you could expect to see

About Sage

Sage People is the leading HR app on the Salesforce platform. Sage People enables mid-size, multinational companies to manage and engage workforces through its global, cloud HR and people system. Implemented quickly and simple to use, the award-winning system increases workforce visibility, HR productivity and improves workforce experiences.


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