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Future Proofing Your Organisation: Creating an Employee Engagement AND Happiness Strategy

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Do you want to rebuild your people strategy in 2022 and create a thriving culture based on actively listening to your people?

Here we will outline how you can future-proof your organisation by creating an employee engagement and happiness strategy.

From exploring why your current method of employee engagement is failing, to methods for boosting employee-manager relations, we lead you through every step of the journey.

This guide also covers:

  • Why you should measure happiness in the workplace

  • Ways to measure happiness and engagement in a global context

  • How to build an employee-centric listening programme

About The Happiness Index

The Happiness Index helps organisations measure the key employee engagement AND happiness drivers to power their people strategy.

Our unique platform offers the products, insights and tools to shine a light on your cultural health and empower management to drive thriving cultures.

Our neuroscience-based pre-built surveys measure the full employee experience. By measuring the heart and brain of your organisation, we help you understand how employees think, feel and behave.

We empower and enable managers to move from feedback to insight to action.

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