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Climbing the ranks with Margo Leftly, Founder of Healthier Recruitment

Climbing the ranks with Margo Leftly, Founder of Healthier Recruitment

This month, Recruitment Grapevine charts the career journey of Margo Leftly, Managing Director and Founder at Healthier Recruitment...



1997 - 2002

Hinchingbrooke Sixth Form

I studied psychology, sociology and business studies.




Claims Advisor




My biggest piece of life advice would be not to get too weighed down by qualifications or following a particular route. If you find something you love and are passionate about, then you can make a success of it. 



2003 –2007 

Branch Manager

Piccadilly Workforce (Assist Piccadilly)

Here, I was involved in the set up and overall recruitment procedure for one of our biggest clients. I also secured new business within the Northampton, Cambridge and Huntingdonshire areas.



2010 – 2011

Business Development Manager


It was very similar to my other roles, but I was working in winning high-level contracts – for example, securing contracts with firms like Fujitsu - for Reed. I was given different areas to specialise in and when I first joined, I worked in the media, technology, marketing and design sectors.



I go swimming every day before work and also do Yoga two to three times a week. Also, I love shopping and going on holiday. 



2011 – 2013

Business Development Director


I was solely responsible for the business development of clients within the following areas: DRC Locums Mental Health and Acute divisions, DRC AHP’s and Nursing. I was working in partnership with clients to design bespoke recruitment solutions and models that were suited to their current objectives.



Women’s Leader Award 

Essentially, I won the award for everything that I had done with Healthier Recruitment; making a difference. I achieve something that people told me wasn’t possible; helping companies, rather than making money out of them.  



2013 – 2014

Business Development Director


The reason that Hallam were so attractive is because they were solely primary care; it was all GP’s and AMP’s and it was a market that was really growing as well. The market knowledge that I got from working here was definitely what spurred me on in terms of setting up Healthier Recruitment.



2014 – present

Managing Director and Founder

I came to the decision that, if you put 100% time and effort into finding people for permanent jobs, it was possible. I thought that the market would start changing, and I wanted to set up Healthier Recruitment with enough time to prove that it was possible to achieve permanent recruitment in the healthcare sector.