October 2018
October 2018

Editors Letter

Do you speak robot?

As someone who is ‘digitally native’, assimilating to computer technology has been easy. Recalling my earliest memories of playing CD-ROM games, evolving to sending gifs via MSN messenger, to purchasing my first smart phone, digital’s perpetual presence has, on the whole, been a positive experience.

Yet, growing up alongside my personal technology and evolving with it, the nuances of its needs - the whirring of my laptop when I’ve been perusing Netflix too long or rebooting my phone to trick it into thinking it has more memory - are aspects few of us have patience for today, especially when we are just expected to acquiesce to digital we didn't ask for.

Just recently, an ePassport automaton failed to recognise my face at a busy airport in Spain. The attendant told me the glare from the laminate affected the machine’s ability to read information and I should join the queue where a human passport checker could help. My immediate thoughts were, what was ever wrong with leaving this decision to a human? It’s this question which we endeavour to explore in this issue – not in regard to the Spanish airport, but, the tools which are eliminating human decision making in recruitment.

Could automation within this space also be disregarding those it cannot recognise? What barriers to employment is it creating for those who can’t speak robot? In this issue, we explore the consequences alongside the efficiencies advanced technologies are having on the sector. We also speak to industry figureheads about how Brexit is impacting how they fish for talent and speak to Recruit Ventures about why so many recruitment startups fail...

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