November 2018
November 2018

Editors Letter

From ‘you’re hired’ to hiring

Where are you on Wednesday nights? Working up a sweat at your weekly spin class? Tackling the never-ending stack of life-admin tasks? Or heading down the local to tackle your mid-week crisis?

Here at Recruitment Grapevine, there’s only one place we want to be – sat in front of the TV watching the new series of The Apprentice. Lord Sugar has returned to the Boardroom to dish out some cracking one-liners and waggle his finger at clueless wannabies, while rival teams Typhoon and Collaborative attempt to fashion half-baked ‘bespoke’ doughnuts or flog hefty bodybuilding equipment. We love seeing the candidates fighting to do everything in their power to avoid the chastising coffee of reflection – served in a grim polystyrene cup with compliments from the Bridge Café.

In this issue, Recruitment Grapevine speaks to former Apprentice winner Ricky Martin, Founder and Managing Director of Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS), about becoming the first of Lord Sugar’s hand-picked protégées to hit the £1million milestone and his journey through the challenging business process since his win in 2012. Additionally, we ask recruiters about whether the industry needs to embrace flexible working, and to industry experts about what went wrong with Amazon’s ‘sexist’ AI recruiter.

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