May 2019
May 2019

Editors Letter

Overcoming mistakes

American Businessman and best-selling Author Roy Williams once said: “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again.” Yet, being human, we are prone to making mistakes. They can be small, such as sloppy grammatical errors in a work report, a bit bigger, such as forgetting to pick the kids up from school, or, in the eyes of the law, even bigger, such as committing a crime.

We all know some mistakes carry graver consequences than others too. For some of the more severe mistakes, a person can be haunted for years to come. In this month’s cover feature ‘Thinking Outside the Box’, we look at the challenges facing ex-convicts when it comes to finding a job, with some candidates struggling for years to find a job, with an exploration of how recruiters can help to stop the hiring stigma.

Also, in this issue, Recruitment Grapevine takes a look at the big issues facing UK contractors and freelancers with additional IR35 reforms just around the corner, as well as speaking to recruiters about whether the traditional CV is outdated or not.


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