June 2019
June 2019

Editors Letter

A trip down memory lane

Turn the clock back 22 years to 1997, a year of numerous iconic trends. Chunky Hush Puppy school shoes, fizzy drink and crisp packet-themed pencil cases and Britney Spears-esque pink fluffy hair bobbles; the late 90s was an era fondly remembered by many. And in the world of politics, ’97 was a memorable year too; the British Politician Tony Blair took over the reins as Prime Minister and moved into Downing Street with his family. Once in power, Blair was keen to get as many school leavers as possible to university with the belief that higher education would carve out better career opportunities. So far, his legacy has successfully prompted vast numbers to attend university.

Fast-forward 22 years and the iconic trends differ greatly. A time in which Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can recite the recipe for the vegan versions of favourite recipes and boozy brunches are chosen purely on the basis of their Instagrammable features. But this is not all: today people are changing their perceptions of the working world – and how to break into it. This month, Recruitment Grapevine spoke with Blair’s eldest son, Euan, who is encouraging school leavers to go down the apprenticeship route rather than go to university, changing perceptions of work along the way. With help from the Apprenticeship Levy and his business partner, Sophie Adelman, the pair started WhiteHat to challenge the assumption that university is the best route into employment.

Also, in this issue: we take a look at the recruitment scene in Cambridge; investigate whether ‘blind recruitment’ is the solution to discriminatory hiring processes; and update you on the latest IR35 news.


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