January / February 2019
January / February 2019

Editors Letter

New Year, New Challenges?

Blink and you’ll miss them. Years, that is. Already, we’re a few weeks into 2019 and I feel as if I’m still about to start typing out my start of year editor’s letters for 2018. Which isn’t to say the challenges that the recruitment industry must face up to in 2019 are much different from last year. Brexit, at the moment of writing, is still a gaping uncertainty. Candidates are still expecting an increasingly bespoke, streamlined hiring process. Clients are still turning to recruiters for skills which they’re finding hard to source – and every year there are new in-demand skills which recruiters must magic out of their hat.

Of course, there will be challenges unique to each year but most don’t cease to exist just because the clock turns 00:01 on January 1st. These include, but are not limited to, working towards genuine hiring diversity, making working practises more conducive to better mental health, and overcoming conscious, or unconscious, bias.

One person who has personally overcome these challenges is Liz Johnson, Paralympic medal-winning swimmer. Last year, she founded a recruitment agency called The Ability People – staffed exclusively by people with disabilities. Inside we talk to her about what truly looking for talent means as well as why she teamed up with an industry veteran to help tackle bias.

Also inside: we look at what recruitment is like in Cardiff; why the umbrella industry is facing regulation; and how to create the best candidate experience.

May 2019 be a successful year for all of you.

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