December 2018
December 2018

Editors Letter

What could you achieve with a
single click of a button?

A next-hour delivery food shop to salvage the dire state of your ravenous fridge? A shopping splurge that sees your virtual basket gyrate from a single item to a bundle of Black Friday goodies? Or the opportunity to apply for your dream role? While these progressive functions mean that our impulses can be gratified almost immediately, it means that, as a nation, we become fidgety when we are made to wait for anything. Unless, of course, it involves queueing as that is merely branded as British etiquette.

This impatience has ricocheted into many areas of personal life too. Take Tinder as an example. Some use this love-yielding platform as a quick-fix to find ‘the one’. Flicking through an amalgamation of mirror selfies, group photos and fancy dress poses to decide whether they are deserving of a right swipe. And, in the case of singer-songwriter Dua Lipa and esteemed DJ Calvin Harris, ‘one kiss is all it takes’ - giving some hopefuls false confidence that finding love is an instantaneous process. Aside from finding love, a shrouding impatience overlooking the employment market means that jobseekers are less tolerant when it comes to taking the time to find and apply for jobs.

In this issue, Recruitment Grapevine asks seasoned recruiters and hopeful candidates whether one click is really all it takes when searching for jobs. Additionally, we ask recruiters about whether automated hiring tools and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the future of the industry. We also speak to the Managing Partner at GPS Return – a firm who specialise in helping parents return to work – to discuss how the industry can be more supportive of parents returning to work.

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