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Sophie Parrott
Sophie Parrott
Online Editor

The ‘Recruitment’ issue

For businesses to be successful (in terms of profits, meeting long-term goals, sustainable business growth and happy staff), attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent is key. However, for many employers, getting top talent into the business has been no easy feat.

Statistics have pointed towards some of these challenges. For example, data from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) – as was reported by Sky News – found that three out of four companies are struggling to hire staff. Additionally, Natural HR data found that more than two in five (45%) employers consider talent recruitment to be the biggest challenge they will face in 2022 and beyond. On this backdrop, getting recruitment right is a top priority for HR currently.

This myGrapevine magazine issue is jam-packed with content that details how different employers are approaching recruitment, as well as the latest recruitment initiatives they have rolled out to lure in top talent.

Inside, we spoke to our advisory board experts to find out what role employer branding plays in talent attraction. We also interviewed Sky Betting & Gaming’s Head of Talent Acquisition about why the firm has decided to advertise salary bandings on job adverts, and exclusively sat down with Mamas & Papas’ Group HRD to talk about recruiting the best talent into the business.

Additionally, following its recent opening, we share an exclusive video interview with the MTR Elizabeth line’s Deputy Director of People and Culture, looking at its recruitment journey thus far.

Plus, for this issue’s cover story, we got the inside scoop on LADbible Group’s recruitment and onboarding process, taking a look at how the firm is using brand power and social media to win the 'war for talent'.

As ever, we hope that you find the content in this issue useful and informative!

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