April 2019
April 2019

Editors Letter

The honesty issue

When growing up, my humble family roots always taught me that lying was wrong. Whether it be fabricating the truth about your relationship failure - ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ - fibbing that you’ve left the house when you are still getting ready, or even the classic line that you love your birthday socks when you actually hate them, there are numerous lies that we are each guilty of telling on a daily basis. Despite this, honesty has always been viewed as the best policy in my eyes – and it seems that I am not alone in this train of thought.

Research conducted by ALA in 2018 revealed that recruiters are among the least trusted professionals in the UK – ranking as less favourable than debt collectors or salespeople. Reasons for this ranged from recruiters being unhelpful to not fully understanding the requirements of a candidate. However, in this month’s cover feature, GradTouch’s Zac Williams - recently dubbed Mr. Honesty - sets the record straight about why recruitment should be straight talking, why candidates should be honest when applying for jobs – and why he binges Netflix when he’s stressed.

Continuing the theme of transparency, Recruitment Grapevine speaks to recruiters about which interview questions will teach you the most about a candidate – in the hope that they will elicit an honest answer. Additionally, we speak to Ash Knight, a Manchester-based recruiter to find out the about the recruitment scene in this sophisticated metropolitan. He is even honest about the challenges that the city bodes for recruiters too.


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