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Recruitment strategy | Sunbelt Rentals lead the way with their in-house recruitment strategy

Sunbelt Rentals lead the way with their in-house recruitment strategy

When you deliver something special in the world of in-house recruitment, it’s too easy to move on to the next project without taking time to reflect on the achievements that form the foundation of your recruitment strategy.

In this insight, we look at how Sunbelt Rentals delivered a new in-house recruitment model while launching a rebrand across the UK.

Crowned Winners

Sunbelt Rentals were crowned award winners at the In-House Recruitment Awards for demonstrating that starting an in-house recruitment function from scratch takes an enormous effort and a clearly defined recruitment strategy.

How they did it

The remit was to define a recruitment strategy and develop an in-house direct sourcing model through a recruitment function that handles Sunbelt Rentals UK & Ireland volume and specialist recruitment with quality candidates and a first-class candidate experience.

Following a business review, they outlined the areas that required improvement. These included improving the multiple routes for candidates to apply, reducing the high reliance and spend on agencies, addressing how applications and CVs were received by email and via job boards and managed manually via spreadsheets, and improving the candidate experience and candidate communication the process.

To deliver an in-house direct recruitment model, they required a central recruitment ATS/platform. The new solution needed to bring process consistency and efficiency utilising automation throughout the complete recruitment journey.

Much more than an ATS

Working with Eploy’s E-recruitment system as the central hub throughout the entire journey from Job Requisition to Onboarding, Sunbelt Rentals used the Eploy Hiring Manager portal to provide the complete tool kit for Hiring Managers and bring them effortlessly into the recruitment strategy.

Sunbelt launched a standalone candidate careers site to showcase the employer brand and improve the candidate experience. Online applications and candidate registration for job alerts are now fully automated. Everything a candidate needs to find, apply and start their ideal career is accessible from the candidate portal.

The results speak for themselves…

  • Significantly reduced administrative tasks and time demonstrated through automation of process for HR users and Hiring Managers.

  • Increased automation has delivered process efficiencies enabling recruiters to spend more time with candidates.

  • External offers are now fully managed online rather than paper packs and postage – saving significant printing costs, postage, time and issues with missing paperwork and delays to start dates.

  • Cost per Hire, Time to Hire and Turnover rates have reduced significantly, and targets are in place to continue to maximise efficiencies

  • Sunbelt has established and engaged with a talent pool of over 21,000 people who have registered through the portal.

  • Over 300 vacancies filled in the six months following launch.

  • A significant reduction in agency usage and spend has been delivered – over 93% of vacancies are filled by direct source and agency spend has reduced significantly

  • A significant improvement in candidate communications. For example, during the pandemic over 4,000 candidates who had a live job application with Sunbelt Rentals were communicated with – without the ATS this would not have been possible.

  • A clear ROI on channels and overall spend is in place. Having the ability to track which media channels are working successfully and sourcing quality candidates, ensures marketing spend is optimised.

“Our Recruitment Team has made massive progress over the past year in delivering a new in-house direct source model and a totally revamped and professional approach to recruitment which will pay dividends as we continue to progress the function and our strategy. All in all, a great year’s work which we can build on for the future as we embed our values and vision for Sunbelt Rentals and work towards our ambition to be the Employer of Choice in the Hire Industry.” Steve Lynas HRD Sunbelt Rentals.

You can download the full case study and story of their journey and check out the self-guided tour through the Eploy experience.

Download the case study | Take the the e-Recruitment tour

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