Why ethics needs to be on your leadership agenda

September 2021


After 18 months of turmoil and disruption, businesses now have to navigate a new landscape: one on which ethics play a central part and leaders are increasingly scrutinised on their commitments to causes outside of profit.

Of course, having ‘good’ ethics was important before but in this changed world, leaders – business owners, the C-suite or those with management responsibilities – are judged by how their actions and practice impacts everyone, from people inside the company, to the supply chain and planet.

To help navigate, this ‘new normal’ - understanding what ethical practice might look like, what some leaders are doing to be more ethical, and what your people and customers want - read on to discover the role and impact ‘ethical leadership’ has on business and talent decisions in this new environment, with exclusive insight from:

  • The Chief Leadership, Education & Culture Officer at accounting firm Mazars, on how ethics impact talent, society, and future business practice
  • Founder of ethical business Conscious Chocolate on responding to market demand for better business practice and treating all stakeholders well
  • The Chief Science Officer at cosmetics giant, and leading ethical company, Avon on the essentiality of good business ethics and importance of aligning ethical messaging and practice

Within this exclusive report myGrapevine+, key trends will be analysed, and opportunities and challenges will be presented as the future of ethical business practice starts to come into view. Both up-to-date research and case studies from leading ‘ethical’ organisations will be highlighted.

Laurent Choain,
Chief Leadership, Education
& Culture at Mazars

Emma Jackman,
Founder and Director
of Conscious Chocolate

Louise Scott,
Chief Scientific Officer
at Avon

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