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2021 trends | James Reed shares 'optimistic' view for recruitment

James Reed shares 'optimistic' view for recruitment

A year of movement when it comes to recruitment has been predicted by jobs board REED. This comes after the business conducted new research that found the majority of workers were not put off looking for jobs in 2020 and remain optimistic for the future. In a survey of 1,521 respondents, 59% shared that they continued to seek new opportunities. Meanwhile, 82% said that they felt hopeful they would find a new job in 2021. These results have prompted James Reed, Chairman of REED, to predict that this year will be a year of positive movement in the UK labour market. Speaking exclusively to Executive Grapevine, the recruitment expert shared that while it is a “rapidly changing scene and it’s hard to make predictions with new lockdowns,” he is “optimistic for the recruitment...

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