Resourcing | Common reasons for changing your approach to recruitment

Common reasons for changing your approach to recruitment

When you decide to revisit how you approach recruitment, there may be several reasons for making changes.

Whether your current ATS system has limitations leading to minimal or no usage across the business or you are considering automating manual processes for the first time, this insight looks at common reasons for change and their potential benefits.

Looking to change ATS provider? Improve your candidate engagement? Get a single version of the truth with reliable reporting? All are valid reasons for wanting to change your approach to recruitment and achieving a vastly improved recruitment function that can focus on the needs of your business and candidates rather than being constrained by the time-consuming administration tasks of your current approach.

Recognise any of these reasons for change?

  • Lack of recruitment analytics and reports – for example, being unable to track KPIs, agency spend, candidate application sources or visibility of D&I ratios.

  • Vacancy requisition and authorisation to recruit rely on manually completing forms and distributing them across the business.

  • Existing processes result in a large amount of unnecessary administrative work for managing candidate screening & selection and interview booking.

  • Poor support from existing ATS supplier and a product that has not kept up with the major trends in the market.

  • Sending Emails containing CVs to hiring managers for candidates to be shortlisted. As well as being inefficient, this also presents a Data Protection risk.

  • Lack of an integrated platform resulting in candidate information residing in multiple locations with no ‘single point of truth.’

  • Inability to set-up automated engagement with candidates through email and SMS.

  • A dated careers website that is not aligned with your corporate brand, is not accessible on all devices and provides a poor impression of the organisation to candidates.

  • Manual offer and onboarding process with no ability for candidates to receive and digitally sign their offer pack online.

  • Poor or no talent pool capability to identify warm talent and reduce time and cost to hire.

The list of reasons for change could go on and on.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, then it is worth addressing some of these ‘quick wins’ to immediately unlock efficiency gains for your recruitment team, enabling you to focus on improving the overall candidate experience and making consistent, quality hires for the company.

Take a look at an associated insight to get you started Recruitment Projects and presenting a credible business case with ROI.

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