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Managing the new normal with COVID testing
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‘COVID-19’ is most likely top of the agenda at many a management meeting these days.

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on businesses is far reaching and perhaps we will only see its full impact in the months and years to come, not to mention the outcomes of a potential second wave.

All the more reason not to take our eye off the ball yet, says Rachel Davenport, Commercial Director at AlphaBiolabs – a company specialising in COVID-19, DNA, drug and alcohol testing for workplaces, members of the public and the legal sector.

Although businesses have begun to reopen their doors, juggling the requirements of social distancing and increased sanitation against operational and productivity targets is a big undertaking, alongside what was at one time, already a busy day job.

So just how is a business supposed to reopen, operate at optimum capacity and stay open in the face of a global pandemic and all its restrictions?

One solution, says Rachel, is with a robust, in-house COVID-19 testing program. By bringing testing into your organisation, managers will be equipped with vital information about their employees’ health and in a better position to make changes when staff members test positive.

Testing in the workplace will allow employers to isolate and remove infected employees, provide reassurance to employees concerned about being in work and positions you as a responsible employer, doing your utmost to keep your workforce safe and protected.

Rachel speaks from experience: “increased demand for drug and alcohol testing from Child Protection Services meant that our in-house laboratory was busier than ever during lockdown. We couldn’t let those customers down so as well as ramping up PPE supplies for our sample collectors, and installing new tech in our offices and laboratory (integrated temperature monitoring and mechanical air ventilation systems), we used our own testing kits to test our staff."

AlphaBiolabs’ workplace COVID-19 testing can be carried out on-site, either by the employee themselves, by a company nurse or by one of our trained sample collectors.

Results of our antibody tests are available instantly, and results of our PCR test are sent back directly to you within 24-48 hours.

To meet growing demand AlphaBiolabs has invested in a world-class laboratory facility dedicated to workplace COVID-19 PCR Swab Testing. It is the latest piece in a suite of testing solutions we offer employers looking to take that extra step towards protecting their workforce.

“It’s now widely known that drug and alcohol consumption over lockdown has increased amongst Britain’s workforce. Those staff are now returning to work and businesses face another task of making sure their staff are fit for work."

Our workplace drug and alcohol testing is something we’ve been providing to businesses since 2004. In all our years’ experience, we believe workplace drug and alcohol testing has never be more important.

Our work with multiple companies, sector to sector, has allowed us to tailor the best drug and alcohol testing policies. We can provide sample collectors who can be on-site within 2 hours, with our state-of-the-art testing equipment – giving on-the-spot screening results and providing a rapid ‘back to lab’ confirmatory testing service where non-negative results occur.

Like the world around us, our package of support for businesses has adapted to meet the new demands employers are facing – let AlphaBiolabs work with you to help keep your employees safe and your workplaces open.

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